Climate, sealife & other impacts

Increased frequency and intensity of cyclones in the Bowen are problematic because they reduce coral to rubble and force fishery target species to move elsewhere. This has negative implications for commercial and recreational fishing  as fishers have to travel further to maintain catches. Increased frequency and intensity of cyclones also reduce available fishing time for commercial fishers.

Destruction of coral reefs and movement of fish to other areas reduces visual quality of snorkelling and scuba diving experiences.

Other potential sources of vulnerability in Bowen arise through:

  • A focus on international markets for fish weakens the domestic market and increases risk to fishers of potential collapse of international markets
  • Negative media about the impacts of cyclones on infrastructure and reefs reduces tourist visitation
  • Trend towards ‘grey nomad’ style tourism reduces time spent in individual locations – tourists move elsewhere more quickly than previously
  • Movement of working-age people away from the area to take up more lucrative jobs in mining, oil and gas or rail developments
  • Cost of housing/rents in the area is very high.